Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend warmachine event

This weekend I played in a Wrath and domination release event which went really well. My gaming club ended up showing with about 15 people and we had an awesome spread of factions to choose from. I think that the only faction with no presence was Menoth. I got to play 5 games that day which net me a total of 30 points in the end, the second most points gained at the event. My friend Jay (ret) won the top prize with 31 points. Grats to him for getting the big win! Of course he and I both decided to take our faction coin over the champ coin. Also thanks to the kindness and faction love of our players, almost every person who showed up went home with a coin. To my understanding only 1 person went home empty handed, which is amazing in my opinion.

I honestly don't remember much details of the games as they all happened really quickly and one right after the other, but I will do my best to give a little information:

First game: Cryx vs Khador
In an effort to get my points count off on the right foot I used my Scaverous list first. The khador player used harkevich. I don't really at all remember his list but mine went like this:

-2x deathripper

6 biles
Machine wraith
10x raiders
-raider UA
withershadow combine

I can't actually remember most of this game. I do know that he devastated my raiders and I did the same to his troops with biles. At one point I actually managed to use the machine wraith to take over a jack but he was running his Battle Engine, which was nigh unstoppable and just killed my caster with after trampling over 4 of my raiders and some other stuff the previous turn. He got a caster kill on me for the win.

I took several points for that game though:
1 - fight new player
1 - play
1 - fight new faction
2 - bring terrain
1 - expansion caster used
1 - no enemies on my side (or possibly no friendlies. I know that at some point I got both but don't remember which game it was)

Second game: Cryx vs cygnar
Oh boy was this an interesting match. Ehaley is a crazy gal and the guy was running her new tier list which includes 2 of the BEs. When he runs this tier both start the game fully charged with focus (or electric power, whatever the mechanic is). I played my Tier 4 morty list to get points for that one done. Turns out that's not the greatest idea when fighting against cygnar. I ended up taking a victory after loosing every model on my side of the table save morty and DJ, while he still had most everything on his side. I think I killed a total of like 4 of his troopers before getting his caster.

My list:

Bloat thrall
2x Warwitch Siren

His list went something like this:
-Lancer (I think)

2x battle engines
stormguards, or something with lances and immunity lightning

This game was crazy and I actually felt bad about my win. He had it in the bag but went for an assassination kill to win the game, need an 18 to hit and had 3 dice and magic 8 ability. Rolled a 4 (2,1,1). Then I charged in DJ and won the game. I actually had to use morty to get the kill so that overrun would go off to get DJ the angle he needed. Also, DJ only had 2 focus on him due to being disrupted. It was a last ditch effort that ended up actually pulling off the win.

I took several points for that game:
1 - fight new player
1 - play
1 - fight new faction
1 - win

1 - play Tier 4
1 - fully painted
1 - win with caster kill

Thinking about this game I should have also gotten the point here for no friendlies on my side but at the time I hadn't thought about it. Oh well I got it later on.

To be continued after I have lunch.

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