Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jusicator and axiom update

Finally got my judicator. I have done a little work on him to change a couple features. First, I hate the flame nipples so I moved them to his hands. Second I wanted to reverse the arm guards to look cooler (to me) here is the resulting update to the lower arm:

Next I wanted to have him using this new flame thrower hand so I am trying to setup a scene where he has downed a wraith engine and is now tor hing it. The fire is going to be the real hard part here as I have no clue how to make fire out of green stuff haha (or for that matter how to paint fire). But here is the wreck:

Next is his current pose. A couple notes about this. 1, he is not glued to his lower body here and 2, he is going to be on an elevated section of the base over the body of the wraith engine. Anyway here's the current pose plan:

Last thing about this guy is that I have ordered some bits to improve the wraith engine corpse including its left arm and hand and his head. 

Also, here is a quick update on prime axiom. Not much work on him lately but I finally glued him to his base. My ADHD is getting the better of me lately and finishing models is apparently difficult for me right now:

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